Urban Farm Grows Unique Fruits & Vegetables in the Desert and You Can Too

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ goes on a field trip to Brother Nature Farms in Scottsdale, Arizona to share with you how they are growing many rare, exotic and unique fruits and vegetables in the Sonoran Desert in the Southwest.

In this episode, you will learn more about many how you can grow many exotic and unique fruits and vegetables to sell as a small-scale farmer or just for personal use.

First, you will learn about the rare Sonoran Passionfruit that is native to Baja Mexico that can easily tolerate 120-degree summer weather of the Scottsdale, Arizona Sun.

You will get a tour of the farm that is growing over 150 varieties of different fruits and vegetables that they make available over the season at the local farmers market.

You will discover some of the best vegetables to grow in Phoenix and other hot desert climates over the growing season.

You will discover how you can prevent pest outbreaks by being proactive with your pest issues instead of reactive.

You will learn what percentage shade cloth the farm uses to grow all their vegetables under.

You will discover how you can turn sweet potato leaves into lemonade to increase your profits or the amount of food you grow that you eat.

Finally, John will interview Farmer Ian to learn more about the farm and answer the following questions:

Jump to the following parts of the Episode:
04:34 Food is not a Commodity
06:25 Buy a GYG Tee Shirt, Hat or Hoodie
06:50 Heat Tolerant Sonoran Desert Passionfruit
11:09 Eating Riper Sonoran Desert Passion Fruit
12:28 Grow More than Just Passion Fruits: Selling Plants
14:04 Grow Foods nobody Else Does – Miracle Fruits
14:55 Sell an Experience instead of food
16:20 Grow Herbs and Many different types of foods
18:17 Growing Sugar Cane in Phoenix
19:26 Greenhouse Tour Starts
20:04 Growing Tomatoes inside the Greenhouse
20:50 Microgreens and Plant Starts
21:40 Proactive Approach to Gardening: Release Beneficial Insects
24:35 Growing Outdoors in Phoenix in Raised Beds
25:25 Growing under 30% shade cloth
26:57 Easy to Grow Fruit in the Desert: Tzimbalo Melon Pear
28:58 Why Growing Uncommon Vegetables May be challenging
31:47 Growing Purslane in Pots sold for $5 a bunch
32:35 Grow Flat Chives: Chinese Chives
32:58 Growing Peppers in the Desert
33:45 Growing the West India Burr Gherkin
36:15 Growing Eggplants in the Desert
36:58 Growing Small Variety of Fruits for Better success in the desert
38:25 Growing Cucumbers up a nylon string trellis
39:12 Make Lemonade out of Lemons: Growing Sweet Potatoes Fail
40:41 Interview with Ian the Farmer
41:19 Why did you start a Farm in Phoenix?
42:19 How did Going to College for Farming help you to Grow Food?
44:22 How long have you been farming. Are you making enough money?
45:03 Why is your farm called Brother Nature Farms?
45:53 Why do you grow unique crops and is it financially viable?
47:48 Selling in Bundles
49:32 How do you engage with customers to sell them the unique varieties?
50:30 What is your secret to growing healthy plants in the summer in Phoenix?
52:01 What variety of pepper do you grow?
52:50 What varieties of peppers have you found grow good in the desert?
53:40 Besides compost, what other soil amendments do you use to grow food?
55:04 What is the source of your local compost in Phoenix?
55:35 What kind of compost do you get?
56:15 What are some recommended varieties to grow in the summer?
57:45 What are tips to grow a garden in Phoenix?
59:59 How can someone find your local grown phoenix produce?
1:02:00 Any final words of wisdom for my viewers?

After watching this episode, you will learn about unique varieties of fruits and vegetables you can grow; what you can grow in the Phoenix that can handle the summer weather and much, much more.

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