Tokyo Airport Limousines Will Start Accepting Bitcoin as Payment

Remixpoint Inc is supposedly planning to integrate a Bitcoin payment option to one of Japan’s producing taxicab services.

According to Bloomberg, the company has partnered with Hinomaru Limousine Co. to create a crypto payment gateway for its clients. That said, consumers will be able to pay for Hinomaru’s limousine business in cryptocurrencies which, in addition to Bitcoin, also include Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. The move can expect to impress travelers that are willing to bypass lively rewards blamed by international debit card and over-the-counter currency exchanges by opting cryptos.

Remixpoint, according to the Bloomberg informants, is eyeing a trial run this month which could see crypto-enabled goes between Tokyo’s 23 districts and either Haneda or Narita airports.

The company is yet to make a formal notice on Tuesday, the resources added.

Exchange with Cryptocurrencies

The deal between Remixpoint and Hinomaru attests to a trend of moving cryptocurrencies beyond financial speculation, and into mainstream industry lotions. The project has been practised before by global monsters like Microsoft, Expedia, and Dell but couldn’t hold for long owing to Bitcoin’s price volatility and blockchain scalability controversies. The digital currency so far has taken care of the scalability side by integrating a third-party solution called Lightning Network to its blockchain. Nonetheless, it remains prone to wild price fluctuations.

Remixpoint, which also controls BITPoint, a licensed and governed cryptocurrency exchange in Japan, could address volatility editions by converting cryptos into fiat at the POS in real day. That should make it ideology for both travelers and Hinomaru to use cryptos with much lesser volatility risk.

The deal between the two could also visualize the expansion of bitcoin-enabled POS in Hinomaru’s entire business example. The private company manages a sail of 362 limousines and 161 taxis while the trial service as mentioned above will be restricted to airport travels simply. A successful test run is likely to boost crypto payments among regular taxi journeys as well.

These commerce perspectives could principally attract beings willing to spend their crypto holdings in real season, and brokers/ pay providers looking to accumulate these assets without having to pit or purchase them from a regional exchange. Travelers, for instance, could return best available usabilities out of cryptos by considering them as global monies. They can carry them anywhere, anytime and spend them locally without having to go through a costly fiat alteration process.

Just recently, an Australian blockchain startup TravelbyBit had started a full go service that allows travelers to buy flight tickets and work hotels in Australia applying cryptos. In Japan, a similar gap could be built, have begun limousines.

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