Report: Kanye West’s Closest Confidants ‘Are All Worried About His Current Mental Health’

Should we be concerned about Kanye West??

According to a recent report, there is worry surrounding Yeezus’ mental stability, as he allegedly had a troubling outburst at a music studio. Oh no.

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A source informed The Blast that, during a recent studio session, Kim Kardashian‘s husband ranted at the entire room about his career. Apparently, he told his team that he didn’t need people with “titles” surrounding him and that he will “do it all [him]self” when it comes to branding his image.

It’s said that he was adamant that all Yeezy business would be “handled in-house” — AKA Kanye would oversee everything. Then, the father of three wrapped up his declaration with:

“Yeezy is the new Apple.”

Huh. Supposedly, this outburst has left top Kanye advisors shook and they are unsure how to handle the situation. An insider informed the webloid:

“We are all worried about his current mental health.”

Man, oh man. Currently, Ye’s closest confidants are made up of those who helped the chart topper following his 2016 mental breakdown. However, it’s believed that Kanye is now distancing himself from these particular people.

While it’s unclear what triggered Kanye’s change in regard for his entourage, those closest to Keeks’ man think he’s facing another “episode.” In fact, just take a look at West’s recent erratic behavior on social media. Unsurprisingly, Kanye’s bizarre Twitter behavior isn’t “making a lot of sense” to his team.

At first, Kanye’s crew thought the ranting tweets were just a PR stunt to promote the upcoming album. Sadly, as the erratic behavior has continued, those near Kanye fear he’s spiraling a bit. Although Kimmie is aware of the situation, she’s been busy doing some online damage control. Thankfully, she is Kanye’s “rock” and is always there for him when it comes to his health.

Still, we’re not sure how Kim and momager Kris Jenner are going to tackle the mess that was Kanye’s alleged discussion with Hot 97’s Ebro Darden. In case you missed it, Ebro In The Morning host claimed Kanye told him about his “love” for Donald Trump and revealed that he suffered an opioid addiction.

What’s crazy is, The Blast has been told that Kanye in, NO WAY, had an opioid addiction. At the time of his hospitalization, the A-list rapper was struggling with extreme paranoia, as he hadn’t slept for 48 hours. He was subsequently diagnosed with an acute mental illness — and used said diagnosis in a lawsuit over his canceled Life of Pablo tour.

As for the pro-Trump comments?? Many of Kanye’s close pals are furious that he’d publicly support far-right pundits. While some think West has lost touch with the hip hop community, others believe he’s losing his grasp on his mental state.

If what’s being said is true, we hope those near and dear to Kanye are getting him help… before it’s too late!

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