People Are Amazed By This Tattoo Artist’s Skill In Understanding His Client’s Wish From Such A Bad Sketch

The first obstacle that Sierra Alexis had to overcome when she decided to get a tattoo was her own drawing skills. She had a vision in her head already, but it seems like it was a real struggle to put it on paper. However, she tried her best and went to a tattoo artist with the scribble she made.

After explaining what she really wants to a guy who was about to transfer her idea onto her body, she could only hope he understood her right. When it was done and Sierra posted it on Twitter, her followers were at the same time amazed and entertained about the results. Turns out, the tattoo artist understood exactly what the girl wanted and managed to create an amazing work of art compared to its previous form.

Although Sierra has only more than 1,500 subscribers on Twitter, her post has already been retweeted almost 60k times and has more than 280k likes. Scroll down to see the result for yourself!

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Sierra Alexis decided it was time for another tattoo and this time she knew exactly what she wanted


She knew the best way to share the idea with tattoo artist was to show him a drawing,  so she tried her best at sketching it

Luckily, the tattoo artist understood Sierra’s ideas, and, compared to the previous drawing, created a real masterpiece

She obviously was very happy about the outcome herself

And sported the new look with a big smile on her face


Image credits: sierraalexiss_

The artist behind it is Kendrick Wright


Image source: realink_lord

The CEO of SadistiK InK tattoo shop, best known for designs like these


Image source: realink_lord


Image source: realink_lord


Image source: realink_lord


Image source: realink_lord


Image source: realink_lord


Image source: realink_lord


Image source: realink_lord


Image source: realink_lord


Image source: realink_lord

People on Twitter were amazed and entertained at the same time when they saw Sierra’s sketch and the final tattoo

Image credits: MAST3R_V

Image credits: Tha1T_A_C

Image credits: karemadaniele

Image credits: GiadaJune

Image credits: Mikology91

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