Mace’s Backyard Desert Garden Tour – Urban Food Forest – What It Looks Like Now

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ visits the famous longevity urban garden in Tempe, Arizona that is known for growing a 200+ fruit tree food forest in the desert southwest.

In this episode, you will get a full tour of Mace’s Urban Food Forest in Phoenix, AZ. You will discover the best fruit trees you should grow in the desert that are easy, you will also learn about some of the tropical fruit trees that are commonly planted in Phoenix, that may not do so well.

You will discover the difference that 3 years makes when growing a food forest and how the health of the trees and the food forest can change over time and how to prevent disease in your garden before it starts.

You will learn the foliar feed that can help reverse black fungus and how to revive your trees with a foliar feed to increase the health of your plants.

Finally, John will interview Pamela, the gardener, to learn more about the property, the specific challenges she has had with the garden over the past 3 years, and the changes that are happening in the garden.

Jump to the following parts of the Episode:
01:44 You are a success when gardening
03:15 Don’t Grow the Super Hard Trees and Plants
06:06 Support me and Buy a GYG Tee Shirt
06:36 Backyard tour starts
07:37 You should plant Moringa in the Desert
08:587 Jujube Tree
09:11 Citrus Tree
09:38 Tangerine Tree
10:10 Tree after using Organic Treatment after a fungal attack
10:45 Side Yard – Grapes, and Community Garden in Tempe, Arizona
12:12 Microclimate that doesn’t get sun in the afternoon – Guava and White Sapote
14:04 Bigger Fruit is not always better fruit
14:59 Backyard Garden Tour Starts
15:39 #1 Tree to Grow in the Desert – Date Palm
17:45 #2 Tree to Grow in the Desert – Pecan Nut Tree
19:32 Why there are no Almond trees at Longevity Gardens
20:18 #3 Tree to Grow in the Desert – Mulberry Tree
21:10 #4 Tree to Grow in the Desert – Jujube Tree
23:05 Fig Tree with Black Spot Fungal Disease
24:06 How to Prevent Fungal Diseases in your Garden
25:09 #5 Tree to Grow in the Desert – Pomegranates
26:00 Reduced Watering
26:25 Walking thru Orchard – Carob Tree
27:04 Curry Tree Fruit
29:06 Guavas and No More Bananas
29:56 If a Tree is Not Performing well, remove it
30:24 Papaya Trees
30:48 Aravaipa Avocado Tree Succumb to Fungal Disease
31:58 How to treat to fungal disease
32:49 Foliar Feed to Encourage Plant Health + Growth
34:04 How to Increase the Health of Your Plants
35:58 Where is the Mango Trees?
36:50 Provide Extra Nutrients for Your plants in the Desert
37:35 My opinions about Growing Tropical Trees in the Desert
38:42 #6 Tree to Grow in the Desert – Barbados Cherry Tree
39:44 Why I prefer perennial vegetables instead of Fruit Trees
40:25 Do You Have an Amazing Leafy Greens Garden in the Summer in Phoenix I will visit!
40:48 My Favorite Spot in Longevity Gardens
41:26 Have a Pond Not a Lawn to promote biodiversity
42:00 My summary of Longevity Gardens and What I would do
42:40 Interview with Pamela Mace from Longevity Gardens
42:50 How did this garden come about & how you became the steward?
43:30 What Year did you start planting in Phoenix?
43:50 What trees did you kill when you started?
44:50 Grow what is Easy
45:10 How do you water all these trees?
46:26 Why did you take out the bananas?
48:09 What other fruit trees did you take out that didn’t do well?
50:05 What disease did you have this year that really affected your garden?
50:49 What did you use to fight the fungus?
42:55 the importance of foliar feeding
53:20 What were you fertility Practices previously?
54:087 Did you foliar feed or spray on compost tea?
54:24 Have you used any bacterial inoculants?
55:05 Tell me more about the Community Garden You are Starting in Tempe, Arizona
57:40 Best Moringa Seeds to Grow in the Desert
58:14 What products do you promote on your website
59:05 Seed Bank Box to Get New Seeds every month
1:00:03 What Seeds Would You get in the Seed Bank Box?
1:02:30 What is the website to get the seeds?
1:03:45 Any final words of wisdom you would like to share with my viewers?
1:03:50 My Gardening tips for success
1:04:45 Your Single Now?
1:05:34 Do you have an email list to keep up to date
1:06:20 What is your Youtube Channel?

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