Johnny Depp Dumped Immediately By New Lawyers — Oof, Not A Good Look!

Remember how Johnny Depp played Donald Trump in that Funny or Die movie, and it seemed like the most ludicrous casting?

Well, it turns out they have more in common than we thought! Namely, they are having a hard time finding good lawyers

As you may recall, Johnny is in the middle of a lawsuit with his former business managers over millions of dollars (he says they lost it, they say he blew it).

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Less than three weeks ago legal documents revealed his high-powered lawyers had dropped the case — alarming considering the rapidly approaching August 15 trial date.

Now his replacement law firm, Michelman & Robinson, LLP, has dropped him too! A spokesperson told Deadline:

“Upon having had an opportunity to review this matter in detail, we have determined it is in the best interest of our firm to focus our attention on other matters. We wish the parties luck in resolving their differences.”

Oh shit!

Basically they signed on, they saw the state of his case, they peaced out.

Translation? Johnny Depp’s case if fucked. See what we mean? Totally Trumping it. Sad!

[Image via WENN/Funny or Die.]

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