I Bring My Childhood Imagination To Life By Illustrating Lights In A Surreal Way (15 Pics)

I am always fascinated by light. We can see it yet it is intangible. Being one of the most universal symbols, light often symbolizes life, hope, and intelligence. But I have been exploring the other sides of light: one of the most obscure, mysterious and quirky things in nature.

As an illustrator, I now make my childhood imagination come to life by creating these surreal illustrations. They are fun and playful! I hope you get inspired by these electromagnetic radiations!

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More info: tangyauhoong.com | Instagram

Light Painter

When I was a kid, I used to imagine the light painter silently lighting up the city with his magical paint.

Book Of Light

Knowledge lights up the world for us.

Raining Lights

Rainy days are the best!

Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun

Albert Einstein once said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” And I couldn’t agree more!

Delicious Light

I wonder how does light taste like?

Fill In The Lights

The light workers are working tirelessly to fill up our cities at night.



Lights Of The Deep Ocean

Now we know there are lights deep down the ocean.

Assemble An Idea

I’m always hungry for new ideas!

Saving Energy

Lights are precious so use them sparingly.

Pool Of Light

Will lights guide me home?

Silky Light

Poetic light.

Pouring Lights

Pour me some lights.


Oops this is gonna be complicated.


Long overdue upgrade.

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