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Hey guys! I really wanted to show you how to do a look with high fashion glossy eyelids. You wanted Aya back, so here she is! And we did a super cool look with red glossy eyes on her. Doesn´t she look super awesome in this look? Tell me what you would like me to do next guys! Love you

Products used in the video:
Linda Hallberg Infinity Glass – https://goo.gl/as1zes
Soap from Muji
Linda Hallberg Infinity palette – https://goo.gl/ZB78u7
Danessa Lyrics Vision Cream Cover –
Linda Hallberg Anger Mood Crayon – https://goo.gl/e2H5GX
Linda Hallberg Infinity Filter Light – https://goo.gl/VjvdvV
Linda Hallberg Fantastick Lipstick Goldstone – https://goo.gl/tkGsP1
Linda Hallberg Infinity Filter Deep – https://goo.gl/VjvdvV


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