Guy Pissed Off With Immigrant Who Could Barely Speak English Left Speechless After Unexpected Incident In Class

You are probably familiar with the timeless phrase: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” This is a classic case of a guy who did just that, but had the fortune and honesty to recognise his mistake and learn a valuable lesson about friendship.

Twitter user Thomas Mcfall shared his heartwarming tale recently, and it has quickly gone viral as people were touched by the sincere and friendly actions of an ‘immigrant’ student, as well as Thomas’ capacity for honest and frank self-reflection.

We are all so busy these days, sometimes it’s easy to lose a little of our basic humanity and ability to connect with people. Thomas certainly experienced this, being constantly annoyed with the foreign guy sitting next to him in class, only noticing the negatives and making no time to read between the lines. What happened next was somewhat fortunate on Thomas’ part, without a twist of fate he might never have realized what he was missing. But realize he did, and it makes for a lovely story!

Scroll down below to check it out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Twitter user Thomas Mcfall recently shared a life lesson he didn’t expect to get, and it has quickly gone viral

People were touched and some even wanted to help Tom’s classmate

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