Donald Trump’s Re-Election Campaign Is Using Kanye West’s Support To Grift Money Off Republican Donors!

As if the idea of Donald Trump running for President again in 2020 didn’t already make you sick to your stomach in its own special way, what would you say if we told you he’s now using Kanye West‘s bizarre support from the past few days to fundraise more money for his re-election campaign?!

Welcome to the world of American politics, y’all — where the politicians are all paid for and the money is out of control!

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As we’ve been reporting all week, Yeezy has been going on pretty prolific tweetstorms about a variety of subjects… including The Donald.

And now, the Trump Make America Great Again Committee (swear that’s the re-election campaign’s ridiculous name) is using Kanye’s tweet support to make some money off the backs of Republican Party donors!

Wonder how Kanye feels about THIS little side hustle from the GOP…

Take a look at this text message sent to Republican Party members that very clearly mimics the text of Kanye’s original “free thinker” tweets about The Donald (below):


Of course it all sounds like bullshit — that’s sort of what political fundraising is, y’all — but now, it’s bullshit completely brought on by Yeezy’s weird MAGA obsession.

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How’s that one taste, Kanye?! Your tweets are now a money-making venture for the Republican Party. Not exactly a counter-culture move…

Where’s John Legend when we really need him???

[Image via Johnny Louis/WENN.]

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