Disneyland is home to hundreds of feral cats who have free rein in the park — and you can adopt one if you work there

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Disneyland has a not-so-secret squad of feral cats wandering the park.
The feline legion helps with pest control.
The company doesn’t encourage people to go near the cats, as they’re feral.
Still, the cats have earned plenty of fans on Facebook and Instagram — and even captured the attention of Hollywood star Ryan Gosling.

Disneyland is home to some unexpected residents that might give Mickey Mouse pause.

The famous park is home to hundreds of feral cats.

Mike Fox, author of “The Hidden Secrets & Stories of Walt Disney World,” “Disneyland Details: The Magical Hidden Secrets & Story Elements of Disneyland,” and “Disneyland In-Depth” and founder of the site Disney-Secrets.com told Business Insider that the park houses “cats members” who “roam the park day and night keeping any rodents in check.”

“Guests love them, and they even have their own fan pages,” he told Business Insider. “The fact their title is a play on the title of ‘cast members’ makes it that much more interesting.”

Here’s a look at how the wild cats earned free rein of Disneyland:

According to the cats’ fan site, the feline invasion of Disneyland began in 1955, when the Walt Disney Company had to evict them from Sleeping Beauty Castle. Those cats were adopted by cast members.

Source: DisneylandCats.com

But, at some point, someone got the idea that the cats could perform a valuable service — ridding the park of rodents and pests.

Source: DisneylandCats.com

DisneylandCats.com said that a team of Disney cast members is assigned to feed, monitor, and provide medical treatment to the park-wide clowder.

Source: DisneylandCats.com

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