Desert Food Forest Tour + Why Fruit Trees Don’t Always Thrive

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ visits the harmony gardens in Phoenix, Arizona to share with you why fruit trees do not always thrive as well as a Sonoran desert urban food forest garden tour.

In this episode, you will get a tour of Harmony Gardens Urban Food Forest who are growing some very rare and tropical fruit trees in the Sonoran Desert of Phoenix, Arizona at a standard residential Tract Home.

You will learn how one family has transformed their property from having standard non-edible landscaping to a full food forest growing mostly all edible fruit trees and vegetables.

You will discover why fruit trees do not always thrive and things you can try to help turn around the health of underperforming fruit trees.

You will learn John’s tips for growing food in the desert and how you can be more successful

You will discover a novel solution to keeping birds and other vermin out of your garden so they do not eat your seeds and new seedlings.

During this full front yard and backyard tour, you will learn a lot more about growing healthy fruits and vegetables as well as how to be healthy yourself.

Jump to the following parts of the Episode:
06:15 Support me and Buy a GYG Tee Shirt
06:45 Don’t do things too well.
08:30 Canopy trees to make a microclimate
09:35 My favorite fruit tree Jamaican Cherry
11:09 Easy Trees and Hard Trees
12:08 Easiest Tree to Indian Jujube
14:04 Underneath the canopy
14:19 Why they have had success growing in Phoenix
15:10 Better than a non-living mulch is a living one
18:08 Fake Owls
18:25 Growing Leafy Greens in Phoenix
19:54 The Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow
20:54 Walk thru of the front yard
23:05 Why Fruit Trees Not doing so well
28:00 What a Mamey Sapote Tastes Like
29:51 How the gardeners got started growing food
30:35 How to Grow Vegetables when You have lots of Birds that eat seeds/seedlings
34:15 Backyard Tour Starts
34:30 Grow Fruit Trees in Pots
36:55 Why put in a pond in your garden
39:08 Oldest Fruit Trees on Property
40:00 Feeding Yourself and Your Trees Healthfully
40:37 The Story of 3 mango trees in Phoenix. Best Variety to grow
44:13 2 Year old Moringa Tree that is 30 feet tall
45:33 Growing a Morninga and Mango tree next to each other
46:50 Creating Microclimates
47:28 Growing Vegetables in the Desert
48:30 Gardening is a Hobby and a Better Investment
49:25 Gable with Trees and Plants but Hedge Your Bets
50:45 How to feel good about yourself

After watching this episode, you will learn more about how to ensure your fruit trees thrive and all the different varieties of fruit you can grow in the Phoenix area. You will discover the best mango variety to grow in Phoenix, and how gardening is the best hobby to have in the world.

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