Chinese Traders are Still Investing in Bitcoin by Exploiting Crypto Ban

Although the Chinese government has applauded their crypto ban as successful, it appears that buyers have found several ways to circumvent the ban despite stiffening scrutiny on crypto by mood regulators. Exchanges are also finding ways to avoid being shut down including the government, permitting trading for Chinese citizens.

Chinese state-run newspaper, the Shanghai Certificate Times, reported in late August that authorities are moving swiftly to obstruct access to exchanges that are operating illegally, and blocked better access to an additional 124 offshore exchanges providing services to Chinese citizens.

The offshore exchanges employed inadequacies in the government’s ban by frequently changing their domain names so as to avoid perception. They also moved their servers to countries outside of the Chinese mainland, drawing it incredibly difficult for sovereignties for monitor and block the unauthorized exchanges.

Chinese Government Claims that Cryptocurrency Ban has Been Successful

In July, the Central Bank of China released a report that claimed that the country’s cryptocurrency banning had been incredibly successful, reducing Yuan trading pleasure to under 1 %, while the currency formerly to be taken into consideration 90% of world trading volume.

Following the ban, the government endeavoured to shut down as countless high-profile exchanges, ICOs and crypto jobs as possible, rapidly shortening trading publication and scaring citizens away from the markets.

Although state regulators are regularly shutting down illegal ICOs and obstruction better access to offshore exchanges, it does not appear that the government will ever be able to fully eradicate access to cryptocurrency exchanges.

Terence Tsang, the COO of TideBit, a centralized crypto exchange are stationed in Hong Kong and Taiwan, said that 😛 TAGEND

“The recent admonishing and potentially increased monitoring of foreign scaffolds is targeted at a batch of smaller exchanges that had claimed to be foreign entities, but can actually was working in China claiming the government had outsourced their operations to a Chinese fellowship. Those exchanges whose website arrival pages are in Chinese have depicted particular investigation by regulators.”

Following the report that claimed regulators are stepping up their actions against illegally controlling exchanging, Chinese trading magnitude declined 33%, signaling that traders are likely moving their cryptos to cold storage purses due to the risk involved with impounding their digital monies on an exchange.

In addition to exercising illegally operating exchanges, Chinese speculators are also exerting peer-to-peer trading to thwart the prohibition, exchanging cryptocurrency between billfolds directly, without use a middle-man, like exchange experiences. These types of transactions are done by altering fiat currency to Tether and sending that as fee in exchange for virtual currencies, with all the online activities being done through a Virtual Private Networks( VPNs ).

The government has not yet taken actions to block VPNs, although a ban on the purposes of applying these implements would meet peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions more difficult to conduct.

Some Chinese firms, including WeChat, Tencent, and Ant Financial, has already been taken actions to obstruct cryptocurrency trading on their social stages in an effort to be more is in line with the government’s regulators.

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