Cardano Price Analysis: ADA/USD Could Test $0.060

Key Highlights

ADA price waned further and broke the $0.0700 support height against the US Dollar( tethered ). There is a major rejecting canal in place with fight at $0.0700 on the hourly show of the ADA/ USD pair( data feed via Bittrex ). The duo is likely to break the $0.0620 supporting arena and diminish greatly in the near expression.

Cardano price is moving lower against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. ADA/ USD may continue to trade lower towards the $0.0600 subsidize domain if sellers remain in control.

Cardano Price Analysis

This week, there used heavy deteriorations below the $0.0900 corroborate in cardano premium against the US Dollar. The ADA/ USD pair refused and violated a couple of important backing grades like $0.0800 and $0.0750. The recession was such that the price recently broke the $0.0700 assist region and dived below $0.0650. A new monthly low-toned was worded at $0.0628 and the rate remains in a bearish zone.

An initial resistance on the upside is near $0.0670. It represents the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement grade of the last slip from the $0.0810 high-pitched to $0.0628 low-toned. More importantly, there is a major diminishing direct in place with fight at $0.0700 on the hourly planned of the ADA/ USD duet. Above the direct opposition, the next obstacle is near the $0.0720 statu. The stated $0.0720 grade is close to the 50% Fibonacci retracement degree of the last move from the $0.0810 high to $0.0628 low-pitched. Lastly, the 100 hourly simple-minded moving median is outlook near the $0.0760 level to act as a hurdle for customers.

Cardano Price Analysis ADA USD

The chart was indicated that ADA price may chastise a few parts in the short term towards $0.0700. Nonetheless, upsides are likely to be covered by the $0.0700 and $0.0720 opposition tiers. On the downside, a smash below the $0.0628 low could open the doors for a approach to $0.0600.

Hourly MACD- The MACD for ADA/ USD is currently in the bearish zone.

Hourly RSI- The RSI for ADA/ USD is soon well below the 40 level.

Major Support Level- $0.0600

Major Resistance Level- $0.0720

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