Blockstream Executive: Diversification May Have “Thoroughly REKT” Your Crypto Portfolio

” Never keep your eggs in one basket” might be the statement you discover time and time again from asset grocery sellers, consultants, and advisors alike. While this investment thesis may be applicable in traditional groceries, some believe that this diversification tactic is not applicable to crypto markets.

Don’t Put Your Crypto Eggs Into One Basket?

As reported by NewsBTC, Roger Ver recently made an appearing on CNBC’s’ Fast Money’ segment to discuss his outlook on this sell. While much of his time on-air was filled with Bitcoin Cash-related discussion, CNBC witness likely focused on this remark involving diversification, which is as follows ūüėõ TAGEND

” I hold more Bitcoin Cash then anything else, but I have some Ether, some ZCash, some ZCoin, Dash, Monero and I still accommodate BTC as well. So a bit of everything is a good impression, including a little bit of Ripple( XRP) and Stellar( XLM ). Diversify, alter, diversify is the name of video games .”

Although” alter, diversify, change” may sound like a no-brainer for any seasoned investor, Samson Mow, the Chief Strategy Officer at Blockstream, plead to differ. Mow, who is often critical of Ver’s beliefs and evidences, brought up his talk he made at South Korea’s Blockfesta conference to refute the Bitcoin Cash proponent’s affection on diversification.

“Diversify, change, diversify? ” That’s the worst advice possible because #cryptocurrencies are most correlated. In my #Blockfesta talk I showed how diversified portfolios play-act over a year. If you merely bought $ BTC you’d be up 54% but losings increase as you alter. #HODL pic.twitter.com/ Sl7atlMd0w

— Samson Mow (@ Excellion) August 28, 2018

The Blockstream executive first noted that” change, alter, diversify” is the” worst opinion possible ,” noting that the price action of most of cryptocurrencies is” most correlated .” While not explicitly stated, Mow is essentially alluding to the fact that Bitcoin, which has historically been at the vanguard of crypto, should be the sole focus of any portfolio. Backing this claim, the Bitcoin( BTC) defender pointed out that if you bought simply BTC one year ago, you would be up 54%, but if you altered into the top 16 crypto assets, you would be down by 21%.

While his aforementioned assessment highlighted a short-term scenario( 1 year ), he also added that a focus on Bitcoin may be beneficial in the long run as well. Mow noted that” if you bought anything other than BTC and LTC to hold back in 2013, you’d be exhaustively REKT .”

A majority of 2013′ s top 20 crypto assets have all but faded out of existence, with newer assignments like Ethereum, Monero, and EOS expelling Namecoin, Peercoin, and Feathercoin, which all used to be the creme de la crop back in their hay epoch. Not exclusively have these little-known assignments faded from public recall, but some have totally vacated, with their token qualities throwing off the face of the Earth.

Mow seems to be convinced that this same presence has occurred in today’s groceries, supposing that a majority of altcoins are posed to see sizable loss over the long-term.

However, some are still not reassured by Mow’s polemics, with skeptics pointing out his allegiance to Bitcoin maximalist thought process, which would have clearly skewed his opinion on the long-term future of altcoins. Others was also pointed out that his investment programme may work in a bear market, but in a bull market, diversification may actually be key. As world markets ran in 2017, Bitcoin dominance precipitated below 80% for the first time ever, extending’ altcoin maximalists’ was felt that Bitcoin’s time as a crypto ruler had fully elapsed.

Regardless, there did seem to be a common thread of agreement between those on both sides, which was that making CNBC Fast Money’s crypto suggestion to heart may be the” fastest room to lose money .”

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