Bitmain’s AntPool Activates Controversial AsicBoost for Faster Bitcoin Mining

Bitmain’s mining pool, AntPool, has supposedly initiated one of their controversial the terms and conditions of mining Bitcoin more effectively, announced AsicBoost. The controversial Bitcoin mining “hack” supposedly increases mining economy by up to 20% and is contentious because numerous developers claim that its use shatters the Bitcoin network.

Weakness in Bitcoin PoW Exploited

According to AsicBoost Block Explorer, barrier #540032, quarried by AntPool, was mined employing the AsicBoost, which employs a previously known weakness in Bitcoin’s proof-of-work algorithm that allows for faster mining. Bitmain notably deems a patent in China for a system that manipulates the Bitcoin network’s weakness in order to enhance quarrying productivity.

The patent, which describes an “optimizing method, ” details a organisation that uses a “device and tour for Hash computing chip of bitcoin evidence of effort, and relates to the technological plain of cipher compute, computer network and integrated circuits.”

The patent abstract also notes that the “The method, device and route provided by the ability greatly reduce the power consumption of the circuit.”

Bitmain has a autobiography of using AsicBoost and has been accused several times over the past year of utilizing the controversial mining technique. Blockstream CTO, Greg Maxwell, was one of the first to order Bitmain out for using AsicBoost, accusing the them of using the method to increase profits.

Bitmain Denies use of AsicBoost

In the past year, Bitmain has ardently rejected their utilize of the “mathematical workaround, ” expressing that they have never exercised the technology before. Following the arguing that followed Maxwell’s accusations, Bitmain secreted the following statement, saying in part that 😛 TAGEND

“Bitmain has researched ASICBOOST on the Testnet but “ve never” expended ASICBOOST on the mainnet as implied in Gregory Maxwell’s proposal. We ask definitive proof from whoever pretensions this to be false-hearted because such baseless assertions are toxic for the Bitcoin space. We likewise feel the math issued by Gregory Maxwell is incorrect and that the method is not practical in a production environment.”

Bitmain also addressed the Chinese patent they hold on a organization that implements AsicBoost, “re saying that” 😛 TAGEND

“Bitmain accommodates the ASICBOOST patent in China. We can legally use it in our own mining farms in China to profit from it and sell the cloud mining contracts to the public. This, nonetheless rewarding, is not something we would do for the greater good of Bitcoin.”

Possible AsicBoost exploit comes as Bitmain is Supposedly Losing Money

Bitmain has yet to secrete any statements viewing AntPool’s potential implement of AsicBoost, but the use of this mining approach would coincide with a recent BitMEX Research report that claimed that the mining whale is hemorrhaging coin due to low cryptocurrency tolls and increased operational costs.

BitMEX Research too concludes that the sharp-worded decreased to mining income is partly a strategic decision, explaining that 😛 TAGEND

“We believe this decline poses a smart tactical decision by Bitmain to dispossess( relatively speaking ), from an increasingly competitive and lower boundary field. In our opinions, as one moves down the mining render bond, the rival is likely to increase faster and Bitmain made a sensible move by trying to focus their efforts up the series, where an increasingly large proportion of the value from mining may accrue.”

Although unconfirmed, it would make sense that Bitmain is utilizing the AsicBoost mining method in an effort to increase efficiency and profitability while continuing to driving their competition’s profits into the ground.

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