Bitcoin Price Watch: BTC/USD Buyers Losing Grip Below $6,520

Key Points

Bitcoin price hero-worship yesterday’s increases and sold below the $6,500 assist against the U s dollars. There is a short-term ascending directs in place with backing at $6,400 on the hourly show of the BTC/ USD duo( data feed from Kraken ). The cost could dip towards the $6,340 or $6,320 subsidize before moving back higher.

Bitcoin price is struggling to gain momentum above $6,500 against the US Dollar. BTC/ USD could redress a few details before a fresh upward move.

Bitcoin Price Analysis

Yesterday, we considered a sharp upward move above the $6,700 elevation in bitcoin rate against the U s dollars. The BTC/ USD pair transactions above the $6,800 tier and surpassed at $6,829. Later, there was a major downside move and the expenditure changed most incomes below $6,500. There was even a pushing below the $6,400 help and a low-spirited was constituted at $6,349. Later, the rate started consolidating and moved above the $6,400 level.

It experimented the 23.6% Fib retracement elevation of the recent wane from the $6,829 high to $6,349 low-spirited. However, purchasers failed to clear the $6,500 resistance position. At the outset, there is a short-term ascending direct in place with patronage at $6,400 on the hourly show of the BTC/ USD duet. The pair has appeared to be struggling to break the $6,500 and $6,520 oppositions. Therefore, there could be a downside chastening below the canal patronage at $6,400. The cost may test the $6,340 or $6,320 backing grades before purchasers take back authority. On the other hand, a infringe above the $6,500 and $6,520 fighting is unlikely to call for more gains.

Bitcoin Price Analysis BTC Chart

Looking at the chart, bitcoin rate is placed under a positive region above $6,280. However, the price must violate $6,520 and then 50% Fib retracement rank of the recent slump from the $6,829 high-pitched to $6,349 low-grade at $6,590 to descend farther higher.

Looking at the technological indications ūüėõ TAGEND

Hourly MACD- The MACD for BTC/ USD is slightly placed in the bearish zone.

Hourly RSI( Relative Strength Index)- The RSI is still above the 50 level.

Major Support Level- $6,400

Major Resistance Level- $6,500

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