‘A smart guy who’s doing his homework’: Inside the US intelligence attempt to brief Trump on the highly secretive Kim Jong Un


US intelligence are trying to build a profile of Kim Jong Un ahead of his upcoming meeting with President Donald Trump.
The reports will rely in part on CIA Director Mike Pompeo’s impressions after meeting the North Korean leader last month and describing him as “a smart guy who’s doing his homework.”
Reports will also use intelligence gathered from Kim’s former classmates in Switzerland and ex-NBA star Dennis Rodman.
Understanding Kim’s behavior, motives, personality and leadership style will help the Trump administration develop a strategy for dealing with the North Korean leader.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. intelligence experts are trying to build a profile of Kim Jong Un to give President Donald Trump a competitive edge in one of the most consequential summits since the Cold War, but they face a huge challenge – figuring out a secretive North Korean ruler few people know much about.

Following a long tradition of arming U.S. presidents with political and psychological dossiers of foreign leaders ahead of critical negotiations, government analysts are gathering every new bit of information they can glean about Kim and making adjustments to earlier assessments of what makes him tick, U.S. officials told Reuters.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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