50+ Ridiculous Reasons Why Kids Cry (New Pics)

Parents do everything for their children. Even if it means listening to a loud sob session over a completely ridiculous thing. You see, according to one universal truth, sometimes kids get completely crushed for the most unexpected reasons, and they will go into a tantrum to let everyone know about it.

Unable to do anything about it, parents are turning to social media to relate to each other during these cringy times. From not being able to eat the pregnancy test to realizing that dogs can’t be grabbed by their penises, Bored Panda has found these hilarious meltdowns under the hashtag #ReasonsMyKidIsCrying, and they’re so absurd, you couldn’t make them up. Scroll down to check out the list and upvote your favorite entries.

She asked for a strawberry bar, so I gave her a strawberry bar. But I should have let HER open it- now “I no like it!”

Image credits: christinemreichard

“I pulled this rock out of the river and it’s wet!”

Image credits: holakeely

I wouldn’t let him drop his cheese on the floor

Image credits: maraweatherford

How dare I read a book to her. HOW DARE I!

Image credits: beckybeanwrites

Because I wouldn’t let him touch dog poo

Image credits: trishielockandkey

Toddler bedtime: not for the faint of heart

Image credits: fun4emeraldcoastkids

Because I wouldn’t play the Ghostbusters theme song for the FOURTH TIME IN A ROW

Image credits: thevonda83

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