2 Acre Small Scale Permaculture Farm with Amazing Design

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ visits an Amazing 2 Acre Small Scale Permaculture Farm with one Amazing design in Maui, Hawaii.

In this episode, you will see an excellent example of how permaculture design principles can be integrated into a small scale family owned farm.

John will give you a walking tour around this amazing 2-acre permaculture farm and point out many of the areas and design elements that he really likes.

You will discover a better seeding tray than the ones that are commonly used.

You will learn why it’s important to cover the soil with living plants or mulch, and a variety of mulching materials that can be sourced free or cheap.

You will discover how you can maximize your space to grow the most food.

You will learn how you can co-mingle annual and perennial vegetables amongst each other to grow even more food.

you will discover how this farm turns its crops into value-added products that can generate more income than just the produce would provide.

you will learn more about the jaboticaba fruit tree and see how the fruits grow and discover how they taste.

You will learn the best place to put a worm bin in the tropics, and much, much more.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
01:56 Farm Tour Starts
02:45 Interplanting Many plants along with plants
04:45 Hawaiian Cotton
05:51 Using Deep Seeding Trays to Grow Transplants
07:19 Everbearing Mulberry
08:25 Overgrown Passionfruit
09:44 Bananas
09:52 Mulching the ground
10:10 Edible Nasturtium flowers
10:58 Haas Avocados
11:12 What they do to feed their fruit trees
12:35 Mini Hugelkultur Bed
13:40 Cardboard Sheet Mulching to Cover the Ground
14:51 Row Crops for Annual Crops
15:49 Perennial Crops – Value Added Products
17:24 Double Dug Raised Bed Garden – Double Planted for Insurance
19:30 Sugarcane Mulching
20:26 Packing in Many Crops in a small area
21:51 Dwarf Coconut Palm
22:30 Brocollini Grows Great in Hawaii
22:45 Aquaponics System
23:40 Worm Bin Underneath Canopy of a tree to keep them cool
25:02 Jabatacaba Tree – Tropical Fruit Tree
26:07 Taste testing jaboticaba Tropical Fruits
27:34 Best Way to grow a jaboticaba tree

After watching this episode, you will learn more about how permaculture design elements can be integrated into a small scale farm that can regenerate the earth.

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