10 Ways a Farm in Puerto Rico Is Making itself Hurricane Proof

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ visits Jean Marie Chocolate Farm in Puerto Rico after it was hit by Hurricane Maria to share with you how they are making their farm hurricane proof after learning from their experiences.

In this episode, you will get a tour of Jean Marie Chocolate Farm and learn the 10 different techniques they are implementing to make their farm hurricane proof should another hurricane hit the island of Puerto Rico in the carribean.

Along the way, you will learn more about techniques that you should implement now before you must recover from a hurricane to ensure your farm can weather the storm with minimal loss.

You will see some of the damage that occurred to this farm in Puerto Rico and how you can prevent it from occurring on your farm.

Finally, John will interview the farmer about hurricane maria, growing cacao in Puerto Rico,
You will also learn how to prevent weeds from coming up out of your nursery pots as well as the best variety of tomato you can grow in South or Central Florida.

You will discover some of the best perennial leafy green vegetables that you can grow in Orlando, Florida and how you can harvest them year after year without a frost.

You will also learn how some tropical fruit trees can be grown in colder climates, and much, much more.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
00:15 Episode Starts
05:26 Entering farm
06:06 #1 Don’t Plant in the Hurricane Path – West or East Facing?
08:30 #2 Prevent Land Sliding
10:53 Terracing/Steps in slopes
13:39 #3 Grow using organic matter not chemica00:15 Episode Starts
05:26 Entering farm
06:06 #1 Don’t Plant in the Hurricane Path – West or East Facing?
08:30 #2 Prevent Land Sliding
10:53 Terracing/Steps in slopes
13:39 #3 Grow using organic matter not chemicals
15:47 Microbial connections in healthy soil
18:18 Cover Your Ground
21:40 #4 Use Organic Matter for your benefit
22:43 #5 Planting Plants (bamboo) for Erosion Control
24:54 #6 Remove Damaged Canopy Trees
27:06 #7 Have a favorite trees / areas
29:13 Visit to Hacidenda Location
30:56 #8 Prune Your Trees Properly
33:39 #9 Design Properly Before Planting/Building Your Farm
36:11 #10 Grow the right trees
37:40 #11 Have a Backup Plan
38:56 #12 Continual Education
42:23 Hasten Recovery by Mulching
44:50 Hasten Recover by Planting shade trees
46:20 Interview with Farmer
46:55 What happened to you after the hurricane?
47:57 How are you making Puerto Rico More Resilient?
48:52 Why should someone grow cacao instead of other crops?
50:34 How can people help Puerto Rico?
51:45 How can someone move to Puerto Rico?
52:45 What is the organization about cacao you started?
54:10 How can Someone contact you?

After watching this episode, you will learn how you can hurricane proof your farm with these 10 tips you will learn from Jean Marie Chocolat Farm in Puerto Rico.

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